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 Vampire Gen 6 is now available in 3 sizes- small, Medium and Large. See the sizing chart for your recommended model.

The Gen 6 range are made in New Zealand and have the option of both Front and Rear integrated rear bumpers.

New Laminates and the existing Carbon and Kevlar Laminates are now available. contact us for details.

New Sizing Guide




The Vampire 2011, 2010 and 2010S both have NEW computer designed integrated bumpers for greater speed and nose protection.

The Vampire 2011 is designed for paddlers 75-95kg. It has the identical hull to the 2008 with a new more comfortable seat and thigh braces.  Length 2.99m Width .58m

The Vampire 2010 is designed for paddlers 65-80kg. It has the identical hull to the 2008 but is lower volume than the 2011 with the same comfortable seat and thigh braces.  Length 2.98m Width .58m

The Vampire 2010S is designed for paddlers under 65kg. It also has integrated bumpers and has combined the deck of the 2008S with the hull of the 2001S leading to more speed, easier turning and greater stability.Length 2.98m Width .57m

New Integrated Bumpers


Both versions of the Vampire 2008 have a modified nose and tail to meet the new ICF Specifications which leads to easier turning and nose control. A slightly flatter tail assists the top speed while the bak deck has rounder edges and shallower concave to give greater strength and durability whilst maintaining overall stiffness. 

A new cockpit with more aggressive thigh braces for greater control which you can trim to suit your own needs and a modified seat with a less aggressive back edgeto ease those lower back pains all lead to a more comfortable fit. Pictures and specifications available soon.


For paddlers over 80kg

The 2006 is for paddlers over 80kg. With less volume in the tail, a lower nose, more streamlined shape and new cockpit and seat, the 2006 is faster, turns easier and is more comfortable.

For paddlers 60-80kg

Designed for the medium range of paddler, the 2006S is narrower and has less volume in the nose and tail than its 2001S predecessor, making it faster and easier to control for paddlers in the 60-80kg range.


for paddlers 80-120kg

The Vampire 2001 is for paddlers over 80kg and up to 120kg and has super-seeded the original Vampire and Fat Bat. The 2001 has slightly more volume in the nose for more comfort, speed and acceleration- especially in choppy conditions. Due to a slight change in hull shape the kayak is now even easier to turn with more nose control.This design is faster than the original Vampire and is now used by many top players around the world. If you want performance then this is the boat for you. Length 2.98m Width .58m

 20012.jpg (3871 bytes)

for paddlers 60-80kg

The Vampire 2001 S is now available for the 60-80kg range. This design is now used by the majority of Australia's 60-80kg players as it is faster, more manoeuvrable, and more comfortable, whilst still giving great stability and nose control.  Length 2.98m Width .58m


for paddlers under 60kg

Designed for paddlers up to 60kg, the Vampire S has more rocker and a narrower, lower volume nose than the original Vampire.  The greater rocker gives the lighter paddler the ability to flat turn the kayak almost as quickly as the heavier players can stern turn, whilst the narrower, lower volume nose gives these paddlers greater nose control both when tackling another player, and themselves being tackled.  The Vampire S has the well known stability of the Vampire to give a solid platform from which to paddle, pass and shoot and defend.  Length 2.98m Width .58m
The Vampire S has now been released in rotationally moulded plastic as the Dagger Vampire by Dagger Australia.