The ICF Referees Course is designed to help Canoe Polo players and referees around the world understand the rules of the game. The course aims to generate world wide consistency in how the rules are interpreted and how the various sanctions are applied.

At this stage the course will only be available online at this means all people have access to the same course , with the same clips and interpretations.

In the very near future a specific presentation with specific updates and examples for this years World Championships will be released.

The course is in three sections and each can be viewed and completed separately.  Simply click on the link below and the relevant course will load.

Rules of Play

Part 2

This section covers the following areas:

  • ICF Accreditation
  • Duties, Powers & responsibiilites of the referee, Qualities of a GOOD referee
  • Controlling the field of play, Positioning,Signals, use of the whistle,
  • Communication with players & officials
  • Field Set up and equipment guidelines
  • Playing time, time out,Commencement of play, Ball out of play- sideline, goal line & corner throws
  • Scoring a goal and restart after a goal
  • Capsized player, Entry to the playing area and Substitution

This section covers the following areas:

  • Illegal use of paddle
  • Illegal possession
  • Illegal hand tackle
  • Illegal kayak tackle

This section covers the following areas

  • Illegal Jostle
  • Illegal Screen (Obstruction)
  • Illegal holding
  • Unsporting behavior
  • Defence of goal
  • Referee's ball

This section covers the following areas:

  • Goal Penalty Shots
  • Free Shots
  • Free Throws
  • Yellow Card
  • Red Card
  • Green Card Warning
  • Team Warning

This section covers all aspects of the shot clock rule and some added explanations and clarifications of this major rule change.

Also includes updates to pause the shot clock while the ball is out of play.

I apologise that some of the video clips in this presentation are not very clear- due to budget limitations within the ICF we have so far been unable to pay for any better clips. However if you have skills in this area, or have some high quality clips in Flash format please forward them to me. Images are also welcome. For any other rule clarifications, questions, or comments on the course please email